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Research the Market Before You Start Breeding Dogs

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Published on
Monday 16 February 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Start Breeding Dogs Requires a Thorough Market Research
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Each dog breed figures in a distinctive market with a different competition, different prices, and its own expenses and investments required when breeding these dogs. We want to see precisely what the prices are, how many people are interested in this particular breed, and why, how much are they ready to spend to adopt one and the cost if you were to go ahead with this particular breed.

Once you have chosen the dog breed you want to start breeding, you will start by searching, knowing, and understanding everything about this precise dog breed from its temperament, needs, genetics, and common health issues. Studying the market is to look outside of the dog to prepare a marketing strategy to conquer this breed’s market.

Competition (Supply)

Some people want to get into a virgin market with very little competition but it is usually running against a wall, very few will be able to break it. If no one is in this market, it may be because clients are not, too.

You want to find a disorganized competition, maybe households doing it as a hobby without actual online presence as nowadays most dogs are purchased and found online.

How many breeders are you competing with? If you are breeding, breed well. So your competition is mainly the registered breeders, it is very easy to find on the UK Kennel Club’s website a list of breeders per dog breed.

List the top breeders, and study how did they reach the top and how long it took them to arrive where they are now. Email them incognito to ask for information about what makes them such reputable breeders (champions, consistency, etc.)

Clientele (Demand)

Understanding what goes through your clients’ minds is primordial and if they are here in numbers it does look promising for your business’ future.

Sign up on the most popular message boards touching from far or close to your shortlisted breeds and do not be afraid to ask some questions, in disguise. You could for example ask “How much would you be ready to spend for a great quality Labradoodle?” or any other questions that will help you understand what your clients want and why they are interested in that particular breed. If you are going for a Chihuahua, are you going to go for long or short-haired? Well, let the market decide for you and ask potential clients online.

You can find a lot of information from actual owners of the breed you are researching the market of. Ask them what mistakes they wouldn’t do again while buying their lovely pet, or perhaps what they would look in a breeder now they have more experience with this particular breed.

You want to reach excellence, it does not mean winning championship, it means to answer your clients and potential clients’ needs the best way possible so they trust you rather than a random breeder.


There is no one answer to how much a puppy sells for, it obviously depends on its breed, its pedigree, its line, its breeder and the marketing around it. Yes, you read me properly, the marketing. Most breeders do not market and are missing on some substantial extra revenue. This handbook will assist you to sell your puppies for as much as possible by becoming a brand, there is a chapter devoted to this.

What you have to do now is to contact breeders who currently have litters and ask them for their best price. Note the price and the reputability of the breeder and the litter’s pedigree, line, and other criteria so you can see what the prices are on average, for a good specimen.

You are obviously not going to buy the puppy but keep a good relationship with the breeders as you may want to enquire for a puppy when you are ready to purchase your first specimens… and they might be the ones selling you your future champion!

Take notes on how many ads you found and how is the trade precisely going (how many new ads posted per day for example.) Another tips is to go on classified ads websites and see the “Wanted” section and see how many people proactively ask for a precise breed.

Expenses & Investment

The first expense is the price of the dog(s) itself, you will need at least two or even more females if you want to have more litters.

You may also need pay to register your dogs, to buy their specific alimentation or to answer what you listed in this breed’s needs section. Here again, ask breeders, forums, and search online to find comprehensive information. It quickly adds up…

Your Dog Breed’s Hype & Trend?

To know if you are entering a growing market that interests potential customers, you want to do a simple task: ask Google the trend of the search queries for that precise dog breed. It is free, quick, and easy, it gives you a general overview of how hype this dog breed is. The trendier it is, the more you can increase the price, etc.

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