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How Great Are The Dinosaur BarkBones From Pet Qwerks?

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Published on
Wednesday 11 July 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Review: Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBones
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Pet Qwerks is one of those amazing success stories. Starting with a single product over 15 years ago, they now boast dozens of quality products including some of the best dog toys and chews! Rubber, plush, interactive, they have them all!

This time, we want to focus on their newest addition — the Dinosaur BarkBones! You guessed it, with such an impactful name, the Dinosaur range is not for your average toy breed. They are the largest solid nylon dog chew toys in the world. Yep, you read right, the largest. On top of that, they are also made with actual Bacon for an irresistible taste. As an FDA-compliant dog chew, they are safe for play and made from US-sourced, non-toxic, non-allergenic components.

If your dog prefers the taste of peanut butter, Pet Qwerks got your back, too! They have a great range of oversized Peanut Butter-infused BarkBones made of natural wood. These are softer and better for moderate chewers, and smaller dogs. Please note that despite the delicious peanuty flavor, such chews should not be ingested (but you knew that already, right?) Small granules and tiny bits are safe and you should expect some after each gnawing session.

Chews Are Good for your Dog’s Health

A lot of people see dog chews as toys, and although they are super entertaining to our four-legged family members, they also serve a healthier purpose. Actually, a couple of health-related purposes: one is dental, the other one is mental.

huge dog chews nylon
The size difference between regular chew bones and the Dinosaur BarkBone!

Dinosaur Dog Chews For Dental Health

Chews of that quality will first and foremost benefit your dog’s periodontal hygiene. Rare is the dog owner brushing his or her dog’s teeth daily, so the least we can do is offer them chews to descale their dental plaque. Besides avoiding plaque buildup, these Dinosaur BarkBones will massage your dog’s gums and avoid the buildup of detrimental bacteria. Nothing replaces a good brushing of teeth, but these chews are of immense help in between!

Giving a chew once a month will not help much, though. Dogs need their teeth to be regularly gently scraped in order to remain healthy in the long run. Having a chewing session every day is recommended, but stay around to monitor and make sure your pet doesn’t go through it too fast!

Dinosaur BarkBones vs. Destructive Behavior

In dogs, destructive behavior tends to occur due to a lack of stimulation, a lack of trusted presence, or a surge in anxiety. The three of these will often kick in because you are in a different room, out in the garden, or simply out of sight. Destructive behavior also appears as soon as your dog gets bored. We’ve all been there. The dogs walk in a circle for a few minutes, we do not interact, they lay down next to your carpet or furniture, and they start gnawing on whatever is around.

A lot of dog owners think that dogs only need them but in all actuality, dogs require stimulation, whether from you or from a chew. If a dog is not engaged, a dog is not happy. And if a dog is not happy, a dog may be tempted to indulge in destructive behavior.

Dinosaur BarkBones are right here to help you prevent the appearance of such bad behavior. Try it once, you will adopt this bone! Not sure if is the size, the flavor, the texture, or even the shape, but my Border Collie, Nala, loved it. I was the one feeling a little ignored once she started enjoying these chews.

Are Dinosaur BarkBones Long-Lasting?

Finding durable dog chews is like finding unicorns — it’s not easy! Yet, you will not be disappointed with these very large chew bones for dogs. They really last for a long time. With the nylon version, even intense chewers will find it hard to go through them. Obviously, always pay very close attention to your dog during the first few times with a new chew toy, just in case your dog has some Hercules blood in him or her.

Don’t take my word for it, a quick search on social media and I found somebody confirming that this range is really long-lasting. No jokes.

Chew toys are never meant to last forever, it’s not the goal. They still need to be somewhat chewable otherwise dogs would break their teeth on them. Therefore, manufacturers like Pet Qwerks work hard to engineer something that would suit both, the dog’s chewing instinct and the dog owner’s expectations. Brands rarely hit the mark but it’s fair to say, the Dinosaur BarkBones are dog-and-people-pleasers!

Also thanks to its size and boney shape, there are many different spots on the chew for dogs to be excited about. Some like to start with the middle part for a great grip, but they then quickly move on to the ends for the fun feeling of roundness. By getting dogs to focus on different spots, it makes the bone, as a whole, last longer!

What About Pricing?

The cost is reasonable at around $15 to $30 for a Dinosaur BarkBone. You will be able to find cheaper chews out there but expect them to chip very fast. Quality comes with a price tag, especially for items that go into your dog’s mouth. So the price is totally justified and very fair indeed. Sizes range from XL to XXXL.

My dog, a Border Collie, can ruin a chew within minutes. And she isn’t even that strong of a breed, imagine what a giant or large breed would do. I spent a lot more than a Dinosaur BarkBone’s price going through ten chew toys in a given month. Since then, I am rather thrilled to invest in a more expensive, but resistant, durable chew bone.

unboxing pet qwerks barkbones
Seems like somebody cannot wait to try things out…

Last little warning… These are chews, not treats. Do not cut them into tiny pieces to give your dog. They are not meant to be consumed. Once a chew is damaged or broken, remove it from your dog immediately to avoid ingestion.

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