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Dog Food 101 – Your Definitive Dog Diet Guide


Over 75 pages on how to choose the right & best diet for your dog with dozens of practical tips on health, canned food vs kibble vs raw vs homemade, supplements, etc.

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Confused by the different dog foods: dry kibble, canned, raw, homemade? READ DOG FOOD 101!

Not sure how important is the influence of your dog’s diet on your dog’s health? READ DOG FOOD 101!

Want to learn more than the average blurb found in dog food articles online? READ DOG FOOD 101!


You’re Doing It Wrong…

Sorry to break it to you but most dog owners feed their dogs with an unbalanced diet. It is unintentional, obviously, and this is a direct consequence of the endless stream of disinformation we receive from the regular medias outlets and online sources.

Most commercial brands use ingredients you would not even want to eat yourself: fillers, melamine, aminopterin, preservatives, meat by-products and even more. Take the meat by-products, you probably thought these are beaks and feet, right? Not exactly, you should probably revise your definition as meat by-products are mainly sinews, bone meal, nerves, tripes, and blood vessels.

Pet food quality came under serious question in the famous 2007 pet food recall, it triggered a new hype of “homemade dog food” with many breeders and owners who thought their dogs would be better off with dog meals freshly prepared at home. Well, when you see the state of our generation, I am not sure we should automatically start feeding our pets.

By offering your dog homemade meals instead of commercial food, you are not feeding your dog better, you are feeding your dog less worse. A vast majority of homemade dog food is dangerously unbalanced: calcium is lacking, fatty acids are undervalued, as are quality fibre and carbohydrates.

The solution found by most dog owners is to add dog vitamins and supplements in their dog’s bowl, so it balances the dog’s deficiencies originally caused by the owner’s lack of knowledge and education on dog nutrition.

So yes, you should be worried and trying to learn more—for your dog’s sake!



But You Can Get Better!

Preparing your dog’s meals yourself is cost-effective, healthier and really creates an additional bond with your dog! But despite your good intentions, you still need to educate yourself on what dogs really need in their diet. In other words, do not rush to the kitchen before even reading the recipe.

By knowing exactly what you are feeding your dog with, you have a better control over the quantity and quality of your dog’s food. We always recommend to buy the best quality you can afford but you can save money by buying offals for example, they are nutritious and cheap, your butcher will love you!

If you are buying manufactured food at your local shop, vet or specialised pet store, you still need to learn the basics of what a good dog’s diet should be made of. And we have explained it clearly and with detailed answers for each age group, lifestage, health condition, etc.

The marketing blurb on the labels is misleading and the abusive use of scientifically proven unfortunately fools many naive consumers. Read the label, look out for the ingredients and words we give you in this guide, and then make an informed decision, with your dog’s best interests at heart, not the store’s new best deal of the day.

If you need some help to get started or to update your knowledge, you will absolutely love this manual. It is full of great information superbly laid out, so you actually want to read it, and the DOG FOOD 101 offers you more substance than most blog articles found nowadays on the web.

We haven’t managed to translate it into Barkglish so dogs can’t read it as of yet. (We’re working on it!)


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