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The Dog Breeding Contract Library


Ready-to-use puppy sales contracts, sterilization agreements, stud service contracts (with and without frozen semen), etc.

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As a responsible dog breeder, each puppy or adult dog you give away, sell, or buy should be accompanied by a dog sale contract that both parties understand and agree to. This is to protect the buyer and the seller against terms that are not respected in due time.

Bear in mind, there is no need for a lengthy agreement covering every single second of the dog’s life. Instead, opt for the things that really matter such as the identification, the sterilisation, the pedigree and registration, and a lot more.

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Another important agreement is for stud services, whether you own the Dam or the Sire, you want to cover your grounds as a stud service can result in several outcomes: pregnancy, non-pregnancy, but also false pregnancy. And then, even with a pregnancy, what if there is only one puppy, and what if it dies at birth?

To prevent you from debating for hours, if not days, with the other party, we’ve drafted several contracts for each case so it gives you the choice of the format and length you prefer to use.

  • Go-To Puppy Sale Contract — the go-to puppy sale contract for most people in most situation with infinite possibilities of changing clauses to suit yourcontext
  • Skinny Dog Sale Agreement — a skinny, bare version of a puppy sale agreement
  • Stud Service Contract — the regular stud service contract for most people
  • Skinny Stud Service Agreement — the bare version of the above
  • Breeding Agreement — simple contract for regular stud dog breeders
  • Stud Service Contract With Frozen Semen — lengthy contract full of details made especially for those who will send frozen semen
  • Sterilisation, Spay & Neuter Agreement — a contract to bind the new dog owner to spay or neuter the puppy and not breed from it in the future
  • Comprehensive Dog Adoption Contract — if you sometimes give your dogs for free (seniors, for example) your need a fully detailed contract covering all grounds, from return policy to a no warranty notice

We believe every dog breeder should have these ready on their computer as it is not something to be taken lightly.

For your convenience, these templates of dog breeding contracts are available to download in both Word Document or PDF.