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The Big Bundle by Breeding Business


Everything Breeding Business has to offer, in one big and beautiful bundle. Breedr for WordPress and The Dog Breeder’s Handbook being the flashy highlights!

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Being the reference in terms of dog breeding means we constantly have to provide tools and resources dog breeders new to thrive doing what do love the most: actually breeding dogs!

So here we are, gathering everything we ever created in a beautiful big bundle, just for you to enjoy so you can spend less time managing your kennels and more caring for your dogs.

So what’s in it, you ask?

The Dog Breeder’s Handbook

Our bestselling dog breeding ebook of over 200 pages full of the latest knowledge and discoveries on how to breed dogs. We’ve put The Pack Leader edition of our handbook which means you will have all our bonuses with it. This includes the financial sheets, kennel marketing tips, bookkeeping guide, social media toolbox, and much more.

See The Dog Breeder’s Handbook Page.

Breedr for WordPress + Lifetime License

Creating and managing a website isn’t an easy thing for anybody (domain name, web host, design, content, pedigree charts, etc) but it got a lot easier! Without a single line of code, Breedr for WordPress allows you to add dog profiles, log their health checks and awards, upload and manage their photos and videos, etc.

Even better, it automatically generates and updates pedigree charts thanks to its powerful filiation module. You don’t need to do anything special, it just does it for you.

The good news is that Breedr for WordPress normally goes with an annual license fee, with The Big Bundle, you have a lifetime license so you never need to pay for it ever. We know, we’re crazy.

See Breedr for WordPress Page.

Dog Food 101 – Your Definitive Dog Diet Guide

Pages From The Dog Food & Diet 101
A balanced canine diet is actually simpler than what most magazines want you to believe.

Sorry to break it to you but you most likely feed your dogs with an unbalanced diet. It is unintentional, obviously, and this is a direct consequence of the endless stream of disinformation we receive from the regular medias outlets and online sources.

Pet food quality came under serious question in the famous 2007 pet food recall that triggered a new hype of homemade dog food. This hype isn’t better as most think, it is just less worse. A vast majority of homemade dog food is dangerously unbalanced: calcium is lacking, fatty acids are undervalued, as are quality fibre and carbohydrates.

This is exactly why we created the amazing and easy-to-read Dog Food 101 – Your Definitive Dog Diet Guide so you can get yourself informed about everything related to dog food in a fair analysis, as we do not want to fuel drama or debates, we simply write about factual information.

The Dog Breeding Contract Library

Better a lean agreement than a fat lawsuit. As a responsible dog breeder, each puppy or adult dog you give away, sell, or buy should be accompanied by a dog sale contract that both parties understand and agree to. This is to protect the buyer and the seller against terms that are not respected in due time.

To prevent you from debating for hours, if not days, with the other party, we’ve drafted several contracts for each case so it gives you the choice of the format and length you prefer to use.

  • Go-To Puppy Sale Contract — the go-to puppy sale contract for most people in most situation with infinite possibilities of changing clauses to suit yourcontext
  • Skinny Dog Sale Agreement — a skinny, bare version of a puppy sale agreement
  • Stud Service Contract — the regular stud service contract for most people
  • Skinny Stud Service Agreement — the bare version of the above
  • Breeding Agreement — simple contract for regular stud dog breeders
  • Stud Service Contract With Frozen Semen — lengthy contract full of details made especially for those who will send frozen semen
  • Sterilisation, Spay & Neuter Agreement — a contract to bind the new dog owner to spay or neuter the puppy and not breed from it in the future
  • Comprehensive Dog Adoption Contract — if you sometimes give your dogs for free (seniors, for example) your need a fully detailed contract covering all grounds, from return policy to a no warranty notice

We believe every dog breeder should have these ready on their computer as it is not something to be taken lightly.

Many Other Bonuses!

There are many other bonuses coming with The Pack Leader edition of The Dog Breeder’s Handbook that we’ve included in this bundle. A breeding business plan guide so you can create a perfect breeding programme that is realistic, responsible, and sustainable. But also 20+ homemade dog food recipes that we’ve selected one by one for their simplicity and wholesomeness.

See it as a big Christmas gift box, there are so many surprises in it!