Dog Health

Keeping a dog healthy is an ambitious mission. This content is packed with dog health articles as well as canine diet and nutrition tips. In fact, we avoid giving our own opinions and try to stick to facts and science-backed information.

As an online dog-focused publisher, we know when pet parents search for health-related information, it is our responsibility to be as accurate as possible whether we are discussing a canine disease, an inherited condition, a trendy dog diet, or simply some wellness care.

Most dog owners have heard these dog health tips:

  • a balanced diet
  • regular exercise
  • exciting mental stimulation

And yes, these generally suffice in order to raise a healthy dog who will enjoy a fulfilling life. Yet, it is unfortunately not so easily predictable. Accidents happen. Fleas can invade your home. A skin tag can appear. Stools may have a weird texture. And this is for all these reasons that we have a canine nutrition and dog health section overflowing with well-research and high-quality knowledge.