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10 Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Tuesday 8 June 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
small beds for small dogs
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While finding the best dog beds for small dogs is easier said than done, we’ve stumbled upon some of the best products in the market that will surely delight you. Small canines are energetic bundles of joy, always hopping in for action, which is why they get cold and tired quickly. A part of caring for them is to ensure they sleep well and dedicated small dog beds help you with that.

You could make a case that you’re happy to co-sleep with your dog, but you both need your own spaces to benefit from sleep fully. Having the ideal dog bed will ensure that your dog is fully rested and energetic when it’s you-time, in turn relieving your stress and making you happier. In this blog, we’ll walk you through our top picks for small dog beds and a smart buying guide to help you understand what makes them great. Let’s begin!

Choosing The Right Small Dog Bed

“Good doggy beds come to those who calculate.” Calculations like the right size, type, and material have a pivotal role to play in your ideal dog bed. Let’s explore them thoroughly.


Generally, there are four standardized sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. These sizes depend on both the weight and the size of your dog. They have 40 lbs., 60 lbs., 120 lbs., and above slabs, respectively, while for physical measurements, sizes vary.

If the bed is too small for your dog, it won’t be comfortable, whereas if it’s too big, it won’t be any different than your lounge couches – it won’t retain heat well. So, what to do?

Weigh your dog and measure it from its widest points to know the surface area it will require. Once you have the measurements, check with your seller’s product details and pick the size you think would suit your puppy the best. Tip: measure your dog when it’s sleeping. That way, you’ll know the exact surface area they need to sleep.


As you’ll find out below, these beds come in various shapes, even for the same standard sizing. This variety is not for style purposes but to suit dogs’ different sleep needs.

If your dog circles at a spot before it starts snoring, you must go for round beds. If it sleeps on its side with legs resting straight, go with the rectangular ones. The best practice here again is to observe your dog in their sleep.

By the way, if you observe discomfort or if your dog has a history of anxiety or physical problems, there are anxiety and orthopedic beds on our list as well.


Internal and external build materials provide their fair share of comfort and quality of a dog bed, too. Typically, bed makers use memory foam and plush for internal builds and faux fur for external, while often using polyester for both areas.

You can make your choice by considering your dog’s medical and sleep history. If your dog heats up while sleeping, you might find memory foam better than others – so it’s subjective.

All in all, the better the purchase you make, the better sleep your dog will have.

importance of beds to dogs
Dogs love anything warm and body supporting!

10 Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

Now that everything’s set, we’re ready to explore some of the best-selling dog beds on Amazon. Be sure to observe and measure your dog well before ordering to get the most out of our cherry-picked canine beds!

1. Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri’s calming donut dog bed is the showrunner here with fantastic utility and comfort. This durable and luxurious nylon faux fur dog bed is made of polyester and has a premium non-toxic filling, providing the market’s highest comfort level yet.

Market regards this product as the standard for calming dog beds, so quality-wise, it’s the safest investment on the list. This donut canine bed is available in four different colors to suit your aesthetics and four different sizes to entertain your pup. The medium size diameter measures 30-inches, and the other three sizes are its variants.

With rave reviews, Best Friends by Sheri’s calming donut is one the best dog beds you can acquire – fur parents love it, fur babies love it.

2. AmazonBasics Cuddler Bolster Pet Bed

Our personal favorite, the cuddler bolster pet bed by AmazonBasics, is a rectangular-shaped bed with high, cushioned walls that keep your dog warm and safe.

This bed’s base measures 18.9” × 16.14”, and 6.3” high walls for the small size. It has a removable oxford cover that you can conveniently wash in your machine. The design fits in with the modern 21st-century condos, so that’s a plus.

AmazonBasics backs up this cozy dog bed with a 1-year warranty which makes for one mouthwatering package. It comes in four different sizes – there’s a good chance you’ll find your perfect fit. We recommend buying a slightly larger bed than your dog’s sleeping area for the optimal experience.

3. Nononfish Calming Dog Beds for Small Dogs

For the love of dogs, Nononfish has manufactured this entirely washable, portable, and luxurious calming dog bed for small dogs. This bed has a donut shape, and its base measures 19-inches in diameter (small size).

Made out of polyester, nylon, plush, fleece, and synthetic fur, this anxiety dog bed has eleven design and four size variants.

It’s orthopedic as well, which makes it excellent for dogs with arthritis. And just like we mentioned: it’s an anxiety bed. It’s quite efficient at its job, helping your pets (yes, it also works for cats) calm down and relax.

4. MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

One of the most loved small dog beds on the list, the MidWest Bolster Pet Bed is the jack-of-all-trades. Rectangular with low bolsters on the sides, it has a synthetic fur surface, cozy, and pet’s body temperature retaining.

It fits in dog crates excellently – especially the ones from MidWest – and the smallest size measures 12” × 18”, best for small dogs weighing around 6 lbs. While most other products aren’t dryer-friendly, you can machine wash and dry this little dog bed.

It’s an excellent option to go for, but you’re likely to get the wrong size if you don’t measure correctly – be careful with your measurements.

5. Furhaven Pet – ThermaNAP Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Bed

A doggy in disguise – the Furhaven dog bed is as good as it can get: lovely to sleep on, easy to carry, and easy to wash. It’s a rectangular self-warming mat that measures 23.5″ × 20″ (small) that you can convert into a walled-bed.

Its polyester build makes it a snuggly bed for small dogs who ultimately become addicted to it. The designers have done an excellent job designing it in eighteen variants, so you can choose the one that suits your style the best.

This Furhaven dog bed is a product with a stellar response. Fur parents love it because their babies love it, and that’s all that matters. If you’re still unsure of what you should get, this dog mat will make an authentic purchase for you.

6. Bedsure Small Indoor Dog Bed

Bedsure’s reversible oval bed ensures that you can switch from a sleeping cushion to a dog bed with high walls in a few seconds, providing a unique experience overall.

This conversion helps you hide the doggy bed in style, though given its luxury design, we would recommend keeping it the way it is to flex some serious canine love at house parties. The smallest variant is 20” × 19”, with a soft fleece and microfiber top. Its walls are 6 inches high, and its non-skid, grainy bottom prevents the bed from shifting places regardless of your pup’s action.

Overall, it’s a fantastic product but suits better to travelers who experience frequent climate changes. And be careful with this Bedsure bed – it’s so comfy you might want to get one for yourself!

7. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

From the dog bed makers’ top-dog, the OrthoComfort dog bed works insanely well with arthritic dogs, reliving their joints and providing orthopedic support.

With a 20” × 20” base and 12” height (small size), it safely has the highest walls for a dog bed on this list. Its polyester and Sherpa fur surface is cozy and has sixteen design variants.

This Best Friends by Sheri dog bed is a top-selling product from a top-selling brand that offers utility, style, and extreme comfort for your dog with its orthopedic design.

8. Furhaven Pet – Traditional Orthopedic Foam Mattress

Another Furhaven specialty, this orthopedic foam bed is a treat for you and your dog. While its flat, oval shape and mid-sized walls ensure high comfort and security for your pup, its classic yet futuristic design adds to the beauty of your house.

The small variant measures 19” × 15” × 5.5” (LWH), which is ideal for small dogs. The overall bed’s surface is made of polyester with a plush inside and a water-proof base.

You can quickly empty the bed cover using the zipper, wash it, and reuse it afresh – which is highly unique and convenient. Although the product as a whole is impressive, there are mixed reactions about its foam’s durability. It’s an Amazon recommendation, so such feedback must be coincidental.

9. AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

A highly odd product on the list, this cooling elevated pet bed by AmazonBasics is great for those living in warm areas. It has a cot-like structure, erected around 7 inches above the ground and measuring 21” × 35” (smallest variant).

Unlike most small dog beds on this list, a breathable mesh makes up the bed that keeps the air flowing. It has legs instead of walls, and though they seem unstable, they make for a very sturdy dog cot.

This dog bed by AmazonBasics is perfect if you and your dog spend time outdoors.

10. AmazonBasics Round Bolster Dog

AmazonBasics is really into making top-notch puppy beds. This excellent round bed (also has an octagon variant) measures 20-inches in diameter, making up for an ideal small animal bed.

It has an incredibly soft plush top that extends over its raised bolster walls. It works well for all weathers, and essentially, is machine washable.

Best for miniature dogs, AmazonBasics dog bed is a promising and highly affordable investment. Note that if you wash this dog bed against the instructions, you’ll be facing problems. We recommend thoroughly reading the instructions manual for all the products above before you wash or clean them.

why dogs need beds
If your dog likes to sleep, getting them a comfy bed would benefit them a ton!

Dog Beds for Small Dogs: FAQ

Had a fun time? Well, it’s going to get better. These questions answer most of your relevant queries about choosing the right dog bed so that you won’t have to Google the answers later. If there’s still anything, leave us a comment, and we’ll get back to you right away!

How do I measure my dog’s height and length?

The best way to measure your dog’s height and length is by using a tape measure.
For height, make your canine stand upright against the wall and then measure it from its withers till its paws. For length, measure from the tip of the snout to the edge of the tail.

If you have a mischievous pup who isn’t cooperating, you’ll have to deal tactfully – mark the height on the wall using a marker and later measure the floor’s distance to that point. Try to repeat measurements and average them for the most accurate results. You can read more on how to measure your dog here.

What’s the best way to weigh my dog?

Using bathroom scales is the best way to weigh your dog at home – however, you might face some complications. Dogs don’t often stay steady, making it problematic to make accurate measurements, which isn’t what you need. The best practice would be to distract your pup with a treat while it’s standing on the scales.
While this weighing method works best for small dogs, for larger canines, consider lifting them, weighing yourself, and then subtracting your weight from the overall.

It’s essential for you to at least have a rough estimate about your dog’s weight as manufacturers carefully engineer dog beds, using different foam for different weights.

How do I clean dog beds?

You can clean your dog’s beds depending on their condition. Sometimes they’ll be clean enough that light dusting would do the job—sometimes, you’ll have to go all-in and wash them. Washing machine or manual: read the product instructions first. If your dog’s bed is machine washable, then go for it – otherwise, you can follow these three simple steps:

– Fill a bucket big enough to entertain the bed with lukewarm water
– Add detergent or soap, submerge the bed and wash thoroughly
– Let dry in the sun

This process will help you get rid of all foul odors and make the bed germ-free. Remember not to use bleach, fabric softener, or iron them or dry clean dog beds before, after, or during the wash.
Note: Before washing, read the instructions that came with the product.

What are special dogs beds like orthopedic dog beds?

Special dog beds like orthopedic, self-warming, and calming dog beds are for canines with physical (i.e. arthritis) or mental complications (anxiety). These beds have medicated foam that ensures special comfort to aid dogs with such needs sleep and rest well.

Orthopedic dog beds are thick and plush to prevent your dog’s elbows from reaching the floor (a hard surface). Alternatively, self-warming beds generate heat with or without electricity and keep your dog comfortable in its sleep. These beds are also called anxiety or calming beds, as their main aim is to relieve the dog’s stress.

What to do when my dog doesn’t like his bed?

If your dog is rejecting the new bed, it might be because either it’s not yet trained for bed or simply prefers its ragged old one. While there are several methods to get your dog to like his new bed, everything revolves around being patient and giving the canine its due time to get used to the change.

If even after 3 to 4 weeks your dog isn’t going for the new bed, try the following method:
Dispose of the old bed and place the new one in its place. Put your old shirt or your dog’s blanket/sheets on the bed so that it can familiarize with your scents. Lastly, appreciate your dog every time it climbs up the new bed by giving it treats. Being tactful and patient is the only way around.

We hope you had a pawsome time reading about our list of small dog beds – we sure did! So, you see that with so many options out there, it’s hard to pinpoint one-bed-to-rule-them-all (though Best Friends by Sheri is close with its fantastic market feedback). Your choice depends on your dog and how well you observe them.

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