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Dog Breeding Master Course


The most up-to-date dog breeding course available online today. It is your first step to a much better breeding.



If you are here, you want to know more about breeding dogs ethically and successfully. Too many breeders put what they think are two good dogstogether and hope for the best; and because they still end up selling them, they keep on repeating such bad practices. So many lovely breeds are threatened by irresponsible dog breeders having very little knowledge about what goes into a well-thought-out breeding program.

A dog breeding course can’t just be about explaining how dogs make puppies, we’ve got that for free on our blog. So we created a comprehensive 47-lesson advanced master course split into 6 distinct modules so every nugget of information remains easily digestible.

Dog Breeding Master Course Modules
Modules of our Dog Breeding Master Course

Following this dog breeding course online means you will learn lesson by lesson how to manage your kennel from A to Z: find the right partners using pedigree analysis, avoid a high inbreeding coefficient, put both the father and mother in the right conditions for a perfect mating, prepare yourself in case of emergency during the gestation or delivery, provide extra care for the mother towards the end of the pregnancy, supervise the delivery of the whelps, rear the newborn puppies, and a lot more.

Our dog breeding master course is here to change how dog breeding is done nowadays, and we truly believe it will.