Why Do Dogs Always Follow You?

Why Do Dogs Always Follow You?

If you are a dog owner who has experienced being followed from the kitchen to the living room and even in the bathroom, you are not alone. You may be wondering why dogs always follow you around.

Is it normal for them to do that? When should you be concerned about it? Find out the reasons why your dog keeps on following you everywhere.

Why Does My Dog Always Follow Me?

Dogs have different reasons why they keep on following you everywhere you go. It can be as simple as they want a companion or are hungry. Since dogs are more inclusive than other animals, it may be unusual to be alone.

Dogs can be following you because you are the one feeding them every day. Perhaps, they also need something other than food. If your dog follows you everywhere suddenly, there can be a deeper reason than feeding or peeing.

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Following You

There are several reasons why your dogs follow you around the house. To know more about why your dogs will not stop shadowing you, look at the following points below.

Breed Traits

Breed traits can play a big role in your dog’s attachment to you. Some breeds are called “velcro dogs,” which are bred to be more domesticated and close to people. A velcro dog can follow you all day long, especially if not trained properly.

Herding breeds, such as Shelties and Border Collies, are prone to following their owners around.


There is no denying that dogs love activities and stimulation. They will easily get bored if they stay at home without any indoor activities, leading to a continuous following of people around the house.

Dogs that keep following their owners can be looking for something to do, whether physical or mental stimulation.

Worried or Scared

Dogs have two usual reactions when scared – either they will hide or keep on following you everywhere. If there are loud noises, such as thunderstorms or firecrackers, your dog may suddenly get more attached to you.

Following you around can help them feel safe and calm. It is best to sit beside your dog, play, or just cuddle during this situation.

Seeks Attention

Often, dogs follow their owners around because they want some attention. Perhaps, they received the same kind of attention before, and they want it again. If following you leads to playtime, petting, or free treats, your dog will see it as a good way to get a reward.

Shadowing behavior is not good if it becomes excessive. It can be dangerous and even annoying.

Needs Something

A dog suddenly following you can signify that they need something from you. Sometimes, dogs may need to pee or walk outside. If you have not fed your dog, it may also be the reason why. If none of these satisfy your dog, it must be communicating something more to you.

Try to follow your dog back and see what it is trying to tell you. A sick dog may also begin following you, so pay close attention.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a recurrent behavioral disorder in dogs. In a study conducted by KatriinaTiiraa, Sini Sulkama, and Hannes Lohi published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, they found out that 17 percent of dogs out of 192 breeds have this behavior. Dogs experiencing separation anxiety follow their owners to the door and may panic once left alone.

Not solving this behavioral problem can lead to more serious problems such as destroyed furniture, fallen doorknobs, hurt dogs, etc. Dogs from shelters are highly susceptible to this behavior since they may have traumatic experiences.


Dogs may take your petting and feeding as a compliment, and they may start following you because of those. It is what you call positive reinforcement. You are strengthening your bond with your dog while doing this. However, if not controlled, you will have difficulty disciplining your dog when needed.

How to Stop Your Dog From Following You Around

It is sweet and heart-warming to see that your dog loves to follow you around the house. However, it can lead to negative behaviors and untoward incidents if it becomes too much. If you do not want your dog to keep following you, here are the things you can do.

Make Sure Their Needs Are Met

Since unmet needs can lead to shadowing behavior, make sure to provide for your dogs’ needs at a proper amount. Give them enough cuddle time, enough food to eat, and enough potty time. If your dog’s basic needs are met, you will lessen the possibility of them moping around.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Try to keep your dog busy so that they will not also disturb you. You may give them a toy to play with or a chew toy that can last for hours. If your dog easily gets bored with a toy, try giving just one, then provide a different toy the following day. Keep away the toys so that they will not lose their excitement.

House Train Your Dog

Training your dog with some basic commands can help control its behavior. If they suddenly follow you all around the house, you can use the command “stay” or “sit” to make them stop. Encouraging your dog to have alone time can also help prevent anxiety.

Give Your Dog Enough Attention

Too much and not enough attention are both not good for your dog. Let them know when it is time to play, cuddle, or be on your own. In this way, you are teaching your dog independence which helps prevent separation anxiety. However, not enough attention can make your dog feel lonely and neglected, leading to physical illnesses.

Do Some Physical and Mental Exercises

Enough physical and mental exercises can help your dog in many ways. As they exercise, they will use up their excess energy. They will not have enough energy to follow you around when they get home. Long walks, puzzle feeding, and frisbee are some of the activities you can do with your dog.

Enroll Your Dog in a Professional Confidence and Behavior Training

If you cannot solve the problem anymore, asking for help from professional trainers will do the trick. You can enroll your dog in confidence training to help get rid of their fears and anxiety. Behavior training can help with their obedience and overall health.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere: FAQ

Why do puppies follow you everywhere?

Puppies will follow you everywhere if they want to play with you, enjoy your attention, or simply show that they love you. However, a shadowing puppy can cause concern if they are from a traumatic owner or shelter. Make sure to know the difference between safe and concerning shadowing behavior.

Which dog breeds are more likely to follow people?

Herding breeds, guard dogs, and velcro dogs are most likely to follow people. Domestic dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Corgi, and Labrador Retriever, are some of the dog breeds that love to follow their owners around.

Why does my elderly dog follow me?

Your elderly dog may have been following you because of habit and familiarity. If this is a new behavior, it may indicate that your senior dog is experiencing some changes in its body. It can make them feel scared, less confident, and anxious. Losing their vision or hearing can be the usual sign.

Should I be concerned if my dog keeps following me?

If your dog suddenly starts following you around, it can signify that they are feeling sick and need your care and protection. If dogs show other signs of sickness or uncommon behavior, consult with your vet immediately.

Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom?

If your dog follows you to the bathroom, it is more likely to result from their instinct and pack mentality. Velcro dogs are more prone to this situation since they are considered clingy dogs. They may follow you wherever you go until they know you are safe.

If your dog follows you everywhere, you may need to pay attention to what you need to do as an owner. Follow the tips above if you do not want your dog to develop unnecessary behaviors that may lead to accidents.