Welcome To Our New Bully Breeding Corner!

welcome to all bully breeders and fanciers

Welcome home to all of you breeders and fanciers of the American Bully, the American Pitbull Terrier, the Bull Mastiff and all the other bully breeds. We’ve created this corner on Breeding Business just for you.

While working on the new Breeding Business (yes, this one that you see now), I’ve been reading all your emails since our foundation a year ago. And wow, the number 1 request was more bully-related content.

Here you are, you now have your own section that will see at least one weekly article, interview or video, and sometimes more! We’re all about quality of content so we rather want to drip great posts in than drown you in crappy articles.

This Bully Breeding Corner focuses on The American Bully mainly but we are definitely going to add content related to other bully breeds such as Pitbulls, Amstaffs, Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and so on.

Just as a start, I wanted to provide you with a couple of articles today so you don’t land on an empty strip, and you can check them out right now.

  • The American Bully 101: this is simply to give newcomers some contexts, we had to start with a basic article so the people foreign to the Bully world get some education
  • Interview with XXX: a superb interview for you guys, XXX is a major figure in the Bully game so we wanted to inaugurate the Bully section with a heavyweight from the American Bully community

And we already have content that’s bully-related:

If you want to write a bully article to promote your knowledge and kennel, feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to post your great article in here.

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