UK’s Tories Approve Dog Breeding Centre For Medical Tests

Animal Testing Beagle Puppy Farm Approved In Yorkshire

Just days after the Tories cancel the vote on fox hunting for fear of losing, Communities Secretary Greg Clark has allowed an appeal by Yorkshire Evergreen which is part of US animal supplier Marshall BioResources to breed beagle puppies and other animals for drug testing at a site in Grimston, near Hull.

Animal Beagle Testing Evolution
Evolution of animal testing since 1978.

Marshall BioResources, on their very own website, describe their activities as the following:

Marshall BioResources provides purpose bred research animals and related services for biomedical research. Within our federally regulated and inspected facilities in Upstate New York we maintain breeding colonies of beagles, mongrel/hound dogs, ferrets, and Gottingen Minipigs. Marshall Beagles are also raised in China.

This massive dog breeding facility for animals sold into vivisection has caused a wrath from leading animal rights campaigners who unanimously condemn the approval of such a controversial dog breeding farm that will produce beagles for scientific, medical and drug tests.

I am sickened to hear that this facility is to go ahead, ignoring the views of the public and local authorities and condemning these best friends of man to thousands of unethical and unnecessary tests. This is an appalling message to send out to the world.

Brian May, Queen Guitarist

animal testing centre in grimston protests
2013’s protests against B&K animal testing centre application were fruitful… until now! (Credits: Kate Woolhouse)

Back in 2013, the plans were far more ambitious. The application originally sent to the council, two years ago, was to construct a facility where 2,000 beagles and ferrets at a time could be bred for animal experiments.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council rejected plans to build such a centre in Grimston at that time, after complaints and pressure from celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, but also from the community who signed petitions, sent complaint letters, and actively asked for a clear rejection of these plans.

But Secretary of State Greg Clark has now overturned the rejection to allow B&K Universal Ltd to build the dog breeding centre, despite the fury of 35,000 PETA supporters.

We very much welcome the sensible decision to grant planning permission for our breeding site, based on the merits of the proposals within planning law.

However, we are disappointed that it has taken so long for the right outcome to arrive. It has now been almost two years since the application was submitted.

We applaud the secretary of state for not being distracted by the misleading arguments of animal rights groups during the Planning Appeal process.

Spokesman, Yorkshire Evergreen (to

Dogs taking part in scientific experiments are made to inhale toxic substances through masks, force fed through tubes, and are strapped in harnesses while being injected with drugs, said NAVS. Substances tested on dogs included weed killer, pharmaceutical drugs, and industrial chemicals.

Beagle In Kennel
A Beagle encaged, restrained, constrained.

If you are wondering why Beagles are often chosen as good dogs to be tested on, the answer is because of their quiet, calm, and often placid nature. They are used and abused in laboratories for the same reasons they are loved by hundreds of thousands of families all over the world.

Ministers are required to assess the application’s conformity with legislation and national and local planning policy, and granted it permission solely on planning grounds.

Spokesman, Department for Communities & Local Government

We believe there is only one other beagle breeding facility producing dogs for scientific testing purposes in the UK, at Wyton near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. It is believed to be operated by Harlan Interfauna kennels.

Petition Against Animal-Testing Facilities
Animal Justice Project’s petition is going viral

Animal rights activists are wildly engaged in an on-going campaign to have both kennels closed down. If you want to offer your help, here are a few links to take actions:

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