Riley, Irish Husky Rescue Dog, Qualified for Crufts 2015

Riley At Crufts 2015 Rescue Dog Husky

A beautiful tale that is Riley’s story, an Irish Siberian Husky whose incredible journey has seen him progress from rescue dog to Crufts 2015 qualified dog!

I’m really really nervous to be honest, I am very stressed. There are dogs everywhere, it’s huge. But you know, as long as he enjoys himself, I don’t care. I’m not expecting anything, he is going to have his paws on the green carpet.

Karen O’Connor, Riley’s owner

This is how Karen O’Connor, Riley’s handler, starts telling us the beautiful and moving story of Riley, a gorgeous Irish Siberian Husky dog who went from being a poor Irish rescue dog to competing at Crufts 2015. All this happened through the help of some incredible dog lovers and a wonderful community.

Karen got Riley in September 2010 when she received a phone call from a local animal rescue centre. They needed help, Riley Murphy had gone out from his garden and sheep were in the area so they needed him rehomed.

We never had one single enquiry or request for him. I don’t know why.

Karen O’Connor, Riley’s owner

It seems like Riley wasn’t a dog anybody wanted so Karen, who is involved in her passion of Sled Dogs, decided to make him pass a Sled Dog working title, and he got it! This Siberian Husky is not just a cute blue-eyed beauty, he is a authentic all-rounder!

Riley did great in the show rings which he randomly participated in. Although the cost of getting to Crufts 2015 is high but social media solidarity has helped Karen cover her expenses and make this incredible dream happen.

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