Miss P wins the Westminster Dog Show, Beagle Mania begins

Beagle Miss P Westminster Dog Show

A beautiful beagle named Miss P won the top prize at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2015 last Tuesday, beating more than 2,700 other dogs. Indeed, Miss P, full name “Ch Tashtins Looking for Trouble”, has been awarded the Best in Show prize at the 139th Westminster show – the second longest continuously running sporting event in the United States! “She’s a princess,” told Miss P’s handler, Will Alexander. He added that she enjoys eating liver and sleeping on his pillow at night. Miss P is the second beagle ever to take home the Westminster Best In Show prize, behind her relative, Uno, who won the 2008 edition of the Westminster Dog Show, said show co-host David Frei.

It wasn’t until much later in the evening that Dave Young, Miss P’s breeder, connected the dots. Hours before, he could see the spike in engagement on his Facebook Page and the incredible amount of requests he was receiving by email. The craze has now started. Everybody in the country is looking for a Beagle. This Beaglemania is here and their prices will rise for the next months as the dog breeders will have the power on supplying all this demand for this member of the hound group, shorter than foxhounds.

It costs a lot to look after a champion as Michael Canalizo told CNN:

To prepare, primp and promote a dog that can compete with the beautiful canines that strutted their stuff this week at the 2015 Westminster Dog Show can easily run you $50,000 to $100,000 a year. That’s according to Michael Canalizo, a former professional dog handler and show-dog owner who now runs event management for the American Kennel Club.

Full article here.

Within the other top finalists, you can find the beautiful Portuguese water dog Matisse who won the “working group” category for the third straight year and, the cousin of Obama’s dog, Sunny also appeared top ranked on this Westminster Dog Show.

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