“Fine line exists between breeding and puppy mills” says dog breeder

Puppy mills are not dog breeding!

Subsequently to two seizures this week in Horry County, South Carolina, the local dog breeders are using this occasion to tell the general audience about their side of things.

Johnny Holden, of Galivants Ferry, is one of them — he owns and runs Lockhaven Farm & Kennels. Johnny explained to journalists that breeding dogs for money and raising them is not just about giving them a place to stay. It all comes down to cleanliness, Johnny said.

Holden added that many dog breeders can handle multiple dogs at the same time but they clearly get overwhelmed when the conditions get dirty and they do not know how to change things, how to fix, and resolve the issues they are facing.

As the headline hints, Johnny Holden has said that in his opinion, there is a very fine line between breeding dogs and having a puppy mill. For Johnny, the line is always crossed when breeders choose money and profit over the dogs’ welfare.

A Puppy Mill in Missaukee County
Picture of a Puppy Mill in Missaukee County.

The tricky part is that, regardless of what people say, breeding dogs is a business. Fact. It may be a hobby for some but when it is your sole activity, it is how you earn a living and it can be an extremely profitable business. Irresponsible breeders, unfortunately, cross the line when, instead of being good salespeople, they prefer to neglect the quality of the care given to their dogs to cut their expenses and increase their margins. This is a shame, this should be punished and they should be denied the right to be around dogs for their lifetime.

The truth is that most dog breeders are working hard to combat the images put forth by Animal Rights activists who will readily tell you, any animal you sell makes you a puppy mill.

For Johnny Holden, the condition where the dogs are staying in is a huge sign of how much love the dogs (do not) receive. Being practical is vital when you work with dogs, and it starts by cleaning the pens, cages, and other areas several times a day to avoid contagious diseases and other medical conditions.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many times that take a back seat to the money being made. I know that folks start out for the right reasons, but there is that fine line and whenever you get into it and you’re just selling dogs because you know you can make a profit out of it and you don’t care where they go, who they go to, then that’s when I feel it becomes a puppy mill.

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