« A Dogumentary » — a Dog Documentary By Dr. Meg Howe

dog documentary on how to find the right puppy

Dr. Meg Howe is a vet and a breeder that we interviewed few months ago about dog breeding and she had told us about a project of hers that was in the pipeline. Here it is, ready for everybody to be watched.

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« A Dogumentary » is a dog documentary that she created herself and explains how to find your perfect puppy following five simple steps that Dr. Meg Howe develops further on her Perfect Match Puppy website.

  1. The Perfect Dog Breed
  2. The Perfect Breeder
  3. The Perfect Litter
  4. The Perfect Temperament
  5. The Perfect Early Rearing

We asked Dr. Howe how long it took her to produce this dog documentary, from planning to uploading.

I arranged and conducted all the interviews this time last year as part of a community leadership program with Landmark Education. However, there was over 10 hours of footage and it took me (and my daughter) a long time to slice it up into the 1 hour 10 minute video, delayed by software and other issues and my busy life.

The video was made on a shoestring budget of both time, filming expertise and money but I hope it fulfills its goal of creating better outcomes for dogs and their people.

This dog video documentary is freely offered on YouTube and Breeding Business, there is no need to signup, give an email or opt-in to anything. This is pure value right in front of your eyes, the content is amazing, and as a vet and a breeder, she does know what really matters. But what has been her motivation(s) to do it?

I made A Dogumentary for the welfare of dogs and their people everywhere. Too many puppies born today are destined to die young from euthanasia or due to inherited diseases, and along with them their owners also suffer.

Here are more details about this amazing Dogumentary.

What to expect when adopting a new puppy?

A new family member, you might say, who gives a decade and a half of unconditional love, helps your kids grow up well rounded and demands a pittance of upkeep in return.

On the other hand, every puppy born deserves to be adopted into a forever home. These hopes are dashed whenever dogs develop unwanted behavioural issues, or serious inherited diseases. Both problems are largely preventable and that’s what this Dogumentary is all about.

dog documentary on how to find the right puppy
Picking the right puppy from a litter is just one step out of five.

I’ve interviewed dog experts from around the world and through that come up with 5 simple steps, if followed, will lead the aspiring dog owner to the confidence and security of setting up a great relationship with their new pet, and for dogs the hope of the loving, secure home they all deserve.

A dog can mean joy, misery, or even both. It all depends on which one you choose! The right dog can make your life great… The wrong dog can be a huge burden.

Though you’re going to love him anyway, your dog’s behaviour can fit in with yours beautifully or drive you crazy! And if he’s healthy, great! But if he isn’t, you could be hit regularly with massive vet bills.

So, how do you choose the right dog?

As a vet and breeder myself, I made this video to answer that question.

In it you’ll hear advice on choosing a dog from top dog experts from around the world. This Dogumentary covers everything you need to know – from choosing the right breed, to finding a good breeder. From reducing the risk of canine genetic diseases, to picking the right puppy. From rescuing a shelter dog, to raising a puppy to become a fabulous canine companion.

Getting a dog is a significant emotional and financial investment. You deserve a canine companion that enriches, not detracts from, your well-being and lives a long and healthy life. So if you are thinking about getting a dog I urge you to first watch this Dogumentary, and wish you and your new ideal canine companion many wonderful years together.

If you simply want to watch the trailer, below is the YouTube video.


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