10 Best Dog Car Seats For Small Dogs & Puppies!

10 Best Dog Car Seats For Small Dogs & Puppies!

This buying guide will take you through our ten best car seats for small dogs and puppies. The most important factor in keeping your dog safe in the car is the use of a harness, seatbelt, or car seat. Whichever one you choose for your dog, it’s essential that owners buy an appropriately sized product to ensure their security.

Small dogs and toy breeds can be hard to buy because of their size. So, allow our guide to take out the guesswork! Let’s look at the best small dog car seats currently on the market, as well as what to look for in a car seat for your dog, the benefits of using one, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What Are Dog Car Seats

Dog car seats are similar to the car seats that parents use to keep their children secure in the car. Only, car seats for dogs are specifically designed to fit our four-legged family members. They are usually a square shape to support the sitting position and have high walls for security.

Why Are They Beneficial

Car seats keep dogs safe and comfortable on car journeys. Another popular choice for keeping dogs secure in the car is dog seatbelts. These are all body harnesses that secure directly onto the seat of the car, sort of like a human seatbelt. It is a much tighter fit than a harness that secures to a car seat belt. However, these are better suited to larger dogs. It can be harder for smaller dogs to sit comfortably wearing a dog seat belt. This is where car seats come in!

Many dog car seats have a feature to attach a harness, which dogs should always wear in the car, with or without a car seat. Dog car seats with harness attachments are much more comfortable and less restrictive than wearing a harness that secures straight onto the car’s seat belt.

Aside from safety and comfort, dog car seats can also provide a sense of security and calm car anxiety. Some elevated designs may also alleviate motion sickness.

What To Look For In Car Seats For Dogs

When looking for a car seat for your dog, here’s what to keep in mind.


Your dog’s car seat should be an appropriate size and be able to support your dog’s weight. They should have enough space to change positions, but not enough that they are not secure.


All materials used in your dog’s car seat should be dog-safe and non-toxic as to not cause skin irritation. They should also be soft and comfortable against your dog’s body, but high quality to ensure durability and easy to clean for you.


The design of the car seat should be effective in keeping your dog safe and secure, whilst also keeping them comfortable on long journeys. You also want it to be easily accessible in case of an emergency in which you need to remove your dog from the car.

Owners should also look out for convenience features, such as collapsibility for storage and pockets for carrying supplies.

dog car seats purpose
This can also mean that your dog will not become a distraction while you’re driving.

10 Best Car Seats for Small Dogs & Puppies

The ten best small dog car seats on Amazon.

1. Kurgo Journey Booster Car Pet Booster Seat

Our first dog car seat for small dogs is this booster seat by Kurgo. It comes in six different colors and is 12 inches (depth) x 16 inches (width) x 8 inches (height) and weighs 3.8 lbs. It can support up to 30 lbs in weight and includes a seat belt tether that can attach to any pet harness.

The seat secures to the headrest of car seats to elevate it and alleviate car sickness. Perfect for owners of dogs that get anxious or sick in the car. The seat utilizes water-resistant materials and has a padded fleece liner that is reversible for hot weather and washable for your convenience. It also has pockets for carrying supplies.

This product is one of the best-rated dog car seats for small dogs on Amazon. It comes highly recommended by reviews, with many mentioning that it is easy to install, accident-proof, and provides complete peace of mind.

2. K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat

This pet car seat by K&H boosts your dog to give him a view when on a long journey. It securely buckles into place using the car’s seatbelt and has a removable booster cushion. For added safety, the seat provides two clip tethers that attach to your pet’s harness.

It comes in three colors; grey, tan, and Realtree and is available in two sizes, small (14.5 x 20 inches) and large (14.5 x 24 inches).

The heavier denier exterior fabric is durable, and the interior plush quilted fleece is removable and washable. The back of the product is contoured with a curved back to fit comfortably into the back seat of any car, and the front of the seat dips down for easy access.

K&H’s product ranks number 1 on Amazon for dog car seats, and reviews say that the seat is very high-quality, comfy, and effective.

3. Pet Gear Inc. Carrier & Car Seat for Cats and Dogs

Pet Gear’s car seat for dogs doubles up as a carrier, which is extremely useful for vet visits and traveling. It comes in black, aqua blue, midnight blue, and a pink floral design. The zipper-less design utilizes a push-button entry to raise or lower the overhead canopy.

It can be easily installed into the car using only the car’s seat belt and has a tether that can attach to your pet’s harness. The interior is a removable, washable pad and the exterior is meshing for full-view and proper ventilation.

The seat is 20 x 12 x 18 inches and weighs 5.5 lbs. Owners can buy a rectangular or rounded seat/carrier, and the pad is available to buy by itself in case you need a replacement. Buyers absolutely love the product, with many praising its convenience.

4. PetSafe Jumbo Deluxe Pet Safety Seat

PetSafe’s lightweight elevated car seat easily installs into your car using one of the seatbelts. It also comes with a built-in safety tether for added protection. The 9-inch elevation of the seat allows even the smallest dogs to enjoy the view outside.

It is 22 x 17 x 17 inches and weighs 7 lbs and comes in brown, navy, and quilted tan. The exterior of the product is made of faux suede and lined with a quilt that is removable and washable. The high walls of the seat are great for relieving car anxiety and the elevation helps with motion sickness.

You do have to assemble the seat, but buyers say that it is easy to put together and works well for dogs that don’t like the car.

5. PetSafe Tagalong Deluxe Booster Seat

Another product by PetSafe, this suspended booster seat attaches to the headrest of the backseat of any car with ease. The elevation gives smaller dog’s a nice view out of the window on car trips and relaxes motion sickness. The high walls help to calm anxious dogs, and it is available in brown, navy, tan, and yellow.

The seat comes in three sizes, 14 x 12 x 8 inches and 2.5 lbs, 16 x 13 x 8 inches and 3 lbs, and 20 x 15 x 10 inches and 4lbs. The smallest option supports dogs that weigh under 12 lbs, the next size up supports dogs under 18 lbs, and the largest option supports dogs that weigh up to 25 lbs.

Its exterior material is durable and stain-resistant quilted micro-suede. The interior is a quilted, plaid liner that is removable and washable. The seat comes highly recommended by reviews with many buyers praising its coziness.

6. Amazon Basics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat

This bucket-shaped booster seat by Amazon Basics is designed for small, extra-small, and toy breeds and is ideal for dogs that are frightened of the car or prone to car sickness. It has an opening at the bottom of the seat to thread the seat belt through and secure it to the car.

Two adjustable tether straps are provided for safety and the exterior is made of durable oxford fabric. The interior is made of a quilted flannel plush top for comfort, and the mat cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning.

It is 18.5 x 17.7 x 15.7 inches and weighs 2.6 pounds. Reviews are complimentary and many praise the product’s value for money.

7. Stella & Bear Co. Small Cozy Boost

Stella & Bear Co.’s booster seat securely attaches to the headrest and around the back of a car seat. It’s collapsible for easy storage and comes in black and pink or black and blue. The product dimensions are 16.5 x 13.5 x 8 inches and 3.2 lbs. Its raised design reduces fear and motion sickness and it comes with an adjustable safety leash to attach to your harness.

The exterior and bottom of the interior are made of water-resistant material that can be removed and washed. The wall of the interior and upper portion of the exterior is made of plush thick padding for comfort, and the seat comes with a free collapsible silicone dish for traveling. Buyers adore this product and it has almost no bad reviews.

8. Petsfit Booster Seat for Small Dogs

This square-shaped high-walled booster seat by Petsfit is ideal for small pets. It eases anxiety and car sickness and is easy to install. The seat is 15 x 16 x 14 inches and available in light grey and dark brown.

The exterior utilizes high-quality oxford cloth that keeps dogs cool and has an interior cushion that is removable, washable, and reversible for changes in weather. The other side is plush to keep dogs warm during winter travels. It also has storage pockets for convenience and can support up to 15 lbs in weight. Reviews love everything about the product and echo that it is very well made.

9. FAREYY Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs or Cats

Fareyy’s cushion booster seat secures to fit any car seat. It comes with pockets on either side to keep essentials nearby while traveling. The interior includes side pillows, a headrest, and a comfortable cushion made of thick, super soft plush. The exterior uses durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof oxford cloth. It also has an adjustable leash that attaches to your dog’s harness.

The seat is 21.7 x 21.7 x14 inches and comes in seven different colors. Buyers love the high-quality material and praise the stylish design.

10. K&H Hangin’ Bucket Booster Travel Pet Seat

Another K&H product, this seat installs by buckling multiple straps around the front or back seat of the car. It’s made of a removable and washable plush quilted fleece for easy maintenance and has a firm foam bolster for safety. It’s 16 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches, grey, and holds dogs of up to 15 lbs in weight. Reviews praise the effectiveness of the product.

dog car seat benefits
Car seats let your dogs enjoy the car ride through comfort and sightseeing.

Small Dog Car Seats: FAQ

Where should a dog sit in the car?

The back seats are generally the safest place in the car for dogs. The boot is also okay as long as it is secure, and the passenger seat can be used so long as they are secure, preferably using a harness and a car seat if the dog is small or a seat belt if the dog is large.

Do I need a car seat for my dog?

Not every dog needs a car seat. If your dog is small and less suited to dog seat belts or doesn’t like their harness, you should try a car seat. They’re also beneficial for dogs that get anxious and/or sick in the car.

How can I know if my dog has motion sickness?

The most common symptoms of motion sickness in dogs are whining and pacing, excessive drooling, lip-smacking, lip-licking, and being sick.

How to calm a dog with car anxiety?

Riding in the car is a common phobia for dogs, usually due to a past experience that may have been frightening. Some dogs fear the car because they don’t know where they’re going, this often happens after an unpleasant visit to the vets.

To combat car anxiety, take your dog to nice places in the car and make the experience as pleasant as possible by praising them and giving them treats in the car. You could also take their favorite toy to comfort them and provide a positive association.

Is it okay to let my dog stick his head out the window?

Owners should not let their dogs stick their heads out of the car window when driving if there is a chance that another vehicle could collide with their head. If the car is in an area where there are no obstacles close to it and your dog is on the side that means there won’t be any vehicles next to them, you can allow it.
Make sure there is somebody sitting next to the dog that can keep an eye on them and get their head back inside the window if necessary.

How do I secure a kennel in the car?

The kennel must be placed in the back seat, lengthwise. Simply pull the seat belt along the length of the crate and secure it. Some carriers have built-in safety straps to thread the seat belt through, and you can buy separate ones that attach to it if not.

Those are our favorite small car seats for dogs and puppies! Car seats are seriously beneficial for small dogs, especially those that get anxious in the car. Will you be trying out any of our recommendations or have another one you’d like to tell us about? Let us know.