Animals Australia launching a new TV ad campaign against puppy farms

Animals Australia's new TV ad

How well do you know your best friend? asks Animals Australia, the voice for animals. The Australian organization is internationally respected for its commitment to investigating and exposing animal abuse, including greyhound racing scandals, abattoirs mistreatments, and multiple cattle-related outrageous wrongdoings.

The animal rights group exposes the appalling truth behind what it an unregulated industry where dogs are bred to exhaustion and kept in inhumane and cruel conditions.

Most dogs bought online or in pet shops come from inhumane puppy factories. Exposing the truth will set them free. Please help us get this bold new campaign in front of those who need to see it most.

This is how Animals Australia hooks the viewers of this new campaign starting today, Sunday. The organization said it was unpleasantly surprised to witness how little information puppy buyers were knowing while buying their companion.

Most owners will decide, look for and buy their dogs within a few days, making it rather impossible to have the time it takes to find a reliable dog breeder. This is how most dog owners support this horrific dog breeding business, without even knowing or without actually wanting to know.

Investigators from the welfare organization said it found dogs kept in ‘upright tombs’, in pitch-dark, and confined in tiny, undersized, filthy cages with no bedding, exercise or even clean water.

We’ve seen puppy factories where for dogs the sun never comes up — they are confined in darkness 24/7, with no protection from the heat in summer or cold in winter.

Animals Australia

Animals Australia
Dog Bred In a Puppy Mill
The kind of life dogs bred in puppy mills have.

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